Jaina vs Caedus

We're in that awkward phase of a film's pre-production where superfans like us want to know everything but we still basically know next to nothing. So some people decide to take matters into their own hands and make up news rather than report it.

That's what happened earlier today when a website (that I won't link to, so as to not provide them traffic) claimed that they had an official casting breakdown for Star Wars Episode VII calling for actors to play Jacen and Jaina Solo, the twin children of Han Solo and Princess Leia popularized in many Expanded Universe stories. This casting breakdown said that they were 17 years old, trained by their uncle Luke Skywalker, and that they were two of the greatest Jedi in the galaxy. It also revealed that Jacen would one day turn to the dark side and become Darth Caedus.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Jacen and Jaina fans, but this is simply not true.

There are a few reasons why I know that this isn't true. For one, it's long been known that the sequel trilogy would have an original story and not be an adaptation of the Expanded Universe. As part of Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, George Lucas gave the company extensive story treatments for Episode VII and its sequels. Michael Arndt is writing the Episode VII screenplay based on these treatments, not the Expanded Universe. We still have yet to receive any confirmation if the sequels will fit with the canon of the Expanded Universe or ignore it.

Second, even if the story was based on the Expanded Universe story (including Legacy of the Force, in which Jacen Solo became Darth Caedus), they wouldn't outright spill the beans on the hero's fall to the dark side. Ultimately, films are made for the general public, not a small group of fans, so the filmmakers would want to preserve the secrecy of that sort of thing rather than let it be known from the beginning. Plus, hedging on questions about that would keep even Expanded Universe fans guessing as to what might happen.

Speaking of secrecy, that leads to the third point: J.J. Abrams. While he doesn't have ultimate control over Episode VII—that honor goes to Kathleen Kennedy and Disney—he is a very powerful film director. He has a well-known penchant for secrecy around his films, and Disney wasn't going to hire Abrams without knowing that this sort of secrecy would come with him. Abrams wouldn't even admit that Benedict Cumberbatch was playing (SPOILER ALERT) Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, so he's certainly not going to put a major character revelation into a casting call.

In the days ahead, we will all hear more Star Wars news. You can always know that what we post here on Fanpedia is either confirmed news or a credible report/rumor, and we will debunk these sorts of rumors when necessary.

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