The Star Wars Collectors Archive was launched in 1994 as the first Star Wars collecting site on the Internet. It was created with the goal of bridging the geographical gaps between collectors in a way that is fun, educational and easily accessible. Founded by Gus Lopez, he named his site What you will find there is the sum total of many collectors' experiences, made possible by the contributions of individuals, and presented with dedication to the integrity and continued growth of the hobby. So sit back, grab your mouse, and take a tour through some of the finest Star Wars collections in the world when you visit The Star Wars Collectors Archive.

On November 19, 2006, Lopez changed the domain name from to He offered the following explanation on

1. For a while I've wanted to switch to a domain name that more closely matches what the site is about (it is, of course, a site that deals with more than toys).

2. Geoffrey, Inc., the company that owns Toys R Us, has decided to send another C+D letter after 8 years of dormancy (and the subsequent PR fiasco from the previous attempt). Even though I think their assertion that they are entitled to all domains on the worldwide web that end in 'rus' remains ludicrous, or even more preposterous, that a site ending in 'rgus', belongs to them, I really don't care enough to spend time and money fighting it.

So we've already converted the site over to Please update your links and spread the word since the domain will be going away soon. Thanks.

Trivia: shut down for a week in January 1999 after receiving a Cease & Desist letter from lawyers representing Toys "R" Us, who claimed the site violated the Federal Dilution Act. The site returned, and soon after Toys "R" Us dropped the claim when they learned that is a non-profit, educational web site.

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