The Star Wars Artists' Guild (SWAG) was a website that existed to promote the development and unity of artists in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game community. Through the site, players were able to post their requests for artwork - usually asking to illustrate an original character for their campaigns. Artists submitted their illustrations in response to requests, and all were added to the gallery of many images.

The site has just re-opened its doors for business ,and all previous artworks submitted are still available for viewing.

The site was initially founded by Bob 'Baron Bob' Rodgers, with Chris Curtis and Derek 'Nafai' Jones. New development is headed up by Kris "Eclipse" Vanderwater.


Bob RodgersEdit

Bob "Baron Bob" Rodgers was the founder of The Star Wars Artists' Guild website.

Bob, along with his wife and fellow artist Tracy Rodgers, are the webmasters of [Raptorsquad.Net], a long-running and award-winning Star Wars Roleplaying Game fan website that provides original artwork, fan-fiction and game material for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.

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