The Sith Lords Massive Improvement Mod
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Andrew Barton



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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

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The Sith Lords Massive Improvement Mod, abbreviated as TSLMIM, is, as the title suggests, an upcoming major "improvement" mod by Andrew Barton for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords which will modify textures, visual effects, and menus, enhance music, and add new lightsaber hilts, Heads Up Display, and camera angles during cutscenes. Some works will be contributed by other members of Holowan Laboratories.


  • Andrew Barton/"Drewton" - Main developer[1]
  • "TriggerGod" - Lightsaber hilt(s)
  • "PastramiX" - Music enhancements[2]


According to Andrew Barton, also known to the modding community as "Drewton", he is planning to change the Heads Up Display, menus, launcher, visual effects, lightsaber glows, and portraits; retexture many of the characters, the "eyes" in the textures for the dark side transitions, modules, and skyboxes; replace sound effects with those from the Prequel Trilogy; and include new lightsaber hilts.[1]

Barton has also stated plans for a website and a trailer.


Tslmim telospolaracademy

A work-in-progress screenshot of the Telos Polar Region retextured.

As of April 3, 2009, Barton has posted screenshots of the mod's new launcher, menus, Force lightning, reskins for the Sith troopers, the Telos Polar Region, and the Trayus Core, as well as his plans for the HUD. Lucasforum users Trigger God and PastramiX have both offered some of their mods to be used, for lightsaber hilts and music enhancements respectively. Barton's previously released reskin of Darth Nihilus will be used.


Overall reception for what has been shown in the screenshots posted on Lucasforums has been positive overall, mainly for the texture work. Many users have said that, along with The Sith Lords Restoration Project, the mod will bring a new "freshness" to the game, although some users feel that the look is too similar to The Force Unleashed.

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