This article is about the fan-film. You may be looking for a specialist in killing Jedi.
The Jedi Hunter

John E. Hudgens


John E. Hudgens


John E. Hudgens
Lowell Cunningham
Denny Humbard


Brian Boling
Heather Harris
Jimmy Burns


Z-Team Productions


8 min



The Jedi Hunter is a fan film that made its debut on the internet on August 30, 2002, created by fans of the Star Wars franchise. It is a spoof of Star Wars and The Crocodile Hunter, with Boba Fett sliding into the Steve Irwin role, hunting Jedi along with his wife "Terri Fett".

While the film primarily spoofs the Star Wars universe in the format of a Crocodile Hunter special, there are several other notable targets, including swipes at The Princess Bride, Aliens, Army of Darkness, Crocodile Dundee, Shaft, and Star Trek. The film starts with a quick series of faux channel changes through Star Wars versions of Cheers, The Six Million Dollar Man, and a cameo appearance by Crazy Watto.

The film bears the odd credit "Special Thanks to Peter Mayhew for giving us the inspiration - that's right, blame the Wookiee!" According to the filmmaker's website, this credit is due to a missed dinner engagement with the Star Wars actor, which led the filmmakers to amuse themselves while waiting on him, eventually hitting upon the idea that became this film. They good-naturedly credit his not appearing at dinner with kick-starting the film.

The film has played at many film festivals, and proven popular with Star Wars fans, winning several awards, including Best Visual Effects at the 2003 Dahlonega International Film Festival, and the Audience Choice Award in the Lucasfilm-sponsored 2003 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards.

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