This article is about an organization of online Star Wars gamers. You may be looking for Empire Reborn, the Empire led by Hethrir in the novel The Crystal Star.

The Galactic Empire: An Empire Reborn (abbreviated "GE:ER") is an organization of online Star Wars gamers.

Founded in January 1998 under the name The Galactic Empire, it is among the oldest of the active Star Wars clubs. The Empire organizes members into in-universe military units to play various games, such as Star Wars: TIE Fighter. Since some of the supported platforms are available on PC and console, all supported games listed below are for PC only (no console versions of any kind are supported). Although its numbers are much smaller than most other old clubs, with fewer than one hundred active members, the GE:ER concentrates on "quality over quantity" when it comes to members, as evidenced by success at inter-club competitions.

Roleplaying and non-gaming participation are encouraged, though members must own at least one game to join the GE:ER. The organization was founded by the mysterious Grand Admiral Daemon, and continues under the leadership of Fleet Admiral Tiberius Fel. The GE:ER tends to use smaller units, with more realistic ranks and titles, and focuses on the military aspects. There are, for example, no Grand Admirals and no Grand Moffs and there are no members admitted for Force powers. When viewed in the context of the Star Wars Universe (only 12 Grand Admirals in the Empire at the height of its power, and only a few hundred Jedi out of a galaxy of trillions), these restrictions encourage a more realistic universe. As the GE:ER is also strongly dedicated to maintaining a realistic and militaristic atmosphere, the names of new members are nowadays strictly screened for caps, numbers, existing Star Wars character names, and titles.

The GE:ER is organized into two main sections: the Imperial Navy, focused on space combat, and the Imperial Army, focused on ground combat. Various ancillary sections exist in support, including the Imperial Academy and civil command. However, every member can obtain certifications in any game from the Academy and thus perform in almost all competitions. Exceptions are competitions that are set up for certain groups only, such as Squadron- or Army-Only competitions. While each of these sections has its own games that are supported, there are several other games that are, albeit no longer used for whole units, available for ladder matches. Those games are Star Wars: Force Commander, Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith and the Freelancer modification "Freeworlds".

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