The Formula

Chris Hanel
Stephen Phelan


Stephen Phelan
Chris Hanel


Chris Hanel
Abe Peterka
Justin Whitlock
Rebecca Peterka


Digital Llama


June 1, 2002


53 min.



The Formula is a fan film that premiered online in 2002. Made in Iowa by a group of friends over 18 months, the movie documents a Star Wars fan's attempt to make an epic fan film of his own, only to become disillusioned by the process and turn on his friends. The movie centers on the motivations of fan filmmakers, and proved popular for encouraging other would-be filmmakers to not give up their own projects and enjoy the process.

The Formula has been featured as a leading representative of the fanfilm genre, with print references in The Weekly Standard and the London Times. It eventually screened theatrically, showing as an official selection at the 2003 Cedar Rapids Film Festival. Film Threat gave it a five-star (out of five) review, calling it "a great surprise to those seeking out a good Star Wars fanfilm that's not made up exclusively of angst-filled Jedi, stormtroopers, over the top villains, or whatever the norm is nowadays.".

The Formula was the first film for directors Chris Hanel and Stephen Phelan.

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