Starkiller: The Jedi Bendu Script Site is a not-for-profit website that provides the downloading and reading of the early drafts and original shooting scripts of the Star Wars films. It also offers behind the scenes looks at the Star Wars films and contains Star Wars fan fiction by a small group of authors, including Brendon J. Wahlberg.


Starkiller: The Jedi Bendu Script Site was formed in 1995 by a group of "old time" fans who viewed the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in theaters in 1977. Calling themselves the "Jedi Bendu", these fans "collected and treasured" the original drafts and shooting scripts of the Star Wars Saga. They have also collected a large array of scripts, drafts, synopses, artwork, blueprints and photos from Star Wars, and created the site to share the finds with fans.[1]


The founders had four distinct goals in mind when they started the website: to locate photocopies of early drafts and screenplays of both Star Wars trilogies; to find photocopies of storyboards from the films by all storyboard artists; to uncover copies of rare photographs or film clips from cut scenes or angles not shown in the films themselves; and to find copies of blueprints, floor plants, call sheets and other building material from the films.[1]

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