Seeds of Darkness
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Marty Hudzik, Mazen Mawlawi


Marty Hudzik, Mazen Mawlawi


Michael Hanton, Reginald Carolipo, Chris Hanton, Marty Hudzik, Mazen Mawlawi


Chris Hanton, Mazen Malawi, Erin Sinkins


Icicle Studios


33 min


Rise of the Empire era

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Star Wars: Seeds of Darkness is a fanfilm, directed by Martin Hudzik and Mazen Mawlawi.


It is a dark time for the Republic. Senator Palpatine has declared himself Emperor and has begun to systematically eliminate the Jedi. However on a remote planet in the Outer Rim territory there is a lone Jedi Master who knows secrets about the Emperor and his resurrection of the Sith. The Emperor has foreseen that this Jedi could be his downfall. A Sith Lord has been dispatched to destroy the fallen Jedi Master before he has the chance to align himself with the lowly rebellion. The Rebels themselves have sent a Squadron including a young Padawan named Mira Naolos in attempt to lure Master Rotal back to the "good side". When all of these elements come together the action explodes in traditional Star Wars style. Will the Rebels reach Master Rotal in time? Or will the Sith destroy him and secure the rise of Palpatine and his stronghold on the galaxy? The Fate of the Star Wars universe will be decided in this epic battle.[1]


  • Darth Adun ... Chris Hanton
  • Jedi Master Rotal ... Mazen Mawlawi
  • Mira Naolis ... Erin Simkins
  • Lord Zoilus ... Michael Hanton
  • Bounty Hunter, Rebel Pilot ... Reginald Carolipio
  • Bounty Hunter, the Emperor ... Bryan Scibelli
  • Rebel Pilot ... Marty Hudzik

Reaction from LucasfilmEdit

"We've been very clear all along on where we draw the line. We love our fans. We want them to have fun. But if in fact somebody is using our characters to create a story unto itself, that's not in the spirit of what we think fandom is about. Fandom is about celebrating the story the way it is."
Jim Ward, Vice-President of Marketing for Lucasfilm[src]

Due to the fact that Seeds of Darkness has a story that is set within the Star Wars canon, the film at one point came under fire by Lucasfilm and was consequently excluded from The Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards. This triggered a reaction from fans saying that they wished to share their own Star Wars fantasies, not to dilute the mythology that inspired them or the revenue that Lucas derives from it.

"The galaxy is a big place. We're not asking for money, just recognition."
―Mazen Mawlawi, Director of Seeds of Darkness


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