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Star Wars: Second Strike was the first Star Wars Fan Audio Drama to hit the internet, with its first act (Descent) released online on December 25, 2002. Two subsequent acts (All Fall Down and Ascension) followed on May 25 and June 29, 2003.

Second Strike was actually the second of its "new" generation to go into pre-production, behind Rise of Nobility. It is now known, however, that while Rise of Nobility was the first online Star Wars Fan Audio Drama to enter production, and Second Strike was the first to be released, both were years behind the non-internet productions of Newbold-Hicks Productions.

Second Strike was written by Nathan P. Butler (writer for Star Wars Tales 21: Equals and Opposites) and featured a cast of over forty people from five different countries on three continents.

The success of Second Strike led Butler to create several more audio dramas over the next four years (Nothing Changes, five episodes of a series called Anthology, and a pick-your-path style audio drama called Always in Motion: Ambushon An'Kerra), while also bolstering the listenership of his online radio shows (such as ChronoRadio) and leading, partially, to the creation of One of those later audio dramas, Nothing Changes, acts as a sort of prequel to the story, while the audio drama Anthology: Responsibility deals with the Rebel origins of the Kal S'Darcis character from Second Strike: Descent.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Second Strike (2007), Butler has begun releasing a series of three "Visual Commentary Editions," re-releases of the audio drama acts featuring running text commentary for the entire feature-length production. The first was released on August 1, while the remaining two acts will be released September 1 and October 1, respectively.

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