Spirits of the Force

Greogry Scott Allen Jr.
Joel Cranson (S.E.)


Joel Cranson


Joel Cranson


Joel Cranson
Jessica Bishop
Nathan Blaine
Hal Semmens


March 13, 2004
December 17, 2005 (S.E.)



Followed by

Fool's Errand
Reflections of Evil

Spirits of the Force is a fan film created in Phoenix, Arizona and released in March 2004. It is the first chapter in a trilogy of fan films made by members of the Phoenix Fan Force. It features Kyle Katarn and Jaina Solo, and takes place at the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4.

The film was re-released in December 2005 as a Special Edition to include elements that would further connect it to the sequels that followed. The title also became the general name of the series, dubbing it the Spirits of the Force trilogy. Fool's Errand was released in June 2006. Reflections of Evil was released in February 2009.


(From the official Spirits of the Force website): Kyle Katarn returns to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 seeking Master Skywalker’s advice on a familiar disturbance he senses in the Force. During his visit, he sees some familiar faces... some friendly, some not so friendly.

As Kyle traveled to the Academy in the Raven's Claw, the scene shifted to Jaina Solo helping another student, Spince Larrin, in lightsaber combat. She ended the lesson quickly as Spince is the first to strike, something Jaina said a Jedi should never do. Spince then trained with several remotes as Jaina talked with Jedi Master Vette Bendeen about how she hadn't been able to sleep for a while. Just as Jaina left, Bendeen notices the Raven's Claw landing.

Kit Parson, another Jedi trainee, was practicing levitation when Spince came in. As they left, Kyle showed up and ran into Bendeen, who sensed something was troubling Katarn. Kyle came to see Skywalker about a dark feeling he'd been having. Bendeen said that Kyle wasn't the only one to feel the effects of the Force; many of the students and some of the teachers had felt it as well. Kyle said that the feeling was familiar to him; it reminded him of his encounter with the Dark Jedi Jerec. Bendeen told Kyle to dismiss this feeling for now and, despite Kyle's protests, arranged quarters for him.

Later that night, Jaina was having another nightmare. She had a vision of the Valley of the Jedi and saw Kyle rescuing his partner, Jan Ors. When Kyle decides to find Jerec, Jan says that it's not a problem as Jerec himself is already standing before them. Jan stands off to the side as Kyle confronts Jerec, who reminds Kyle that he was the one who murdered Kyle's father. Jerec and Kyle duel and instead of Kyle winning the duel as he did in real life, Jerec kills him, but not before saying, "Pleasant dreams... Jaina!" Jan runs to Kyle's fallen body, only to be killed by a blast of Force lightning. Jaina woke up cold and frightened. R2-D2, who had been at her side, showed Jaina that the Raven's Claw was here. She visited Kyle in his small quarters and they both discussed the dreams, and how that there might be a dark spirit nearby.

The next morning, Kyle and Jaina continued to discuss the dark spirit; a few minutes later, they both went to the communications room and found the communications array sabotaged. Kit said the door was locked when he left, and the only other person that had access was Spince. Kyle and Jaina ran to the dueling circle, but Kyle stopped when he suddenly felt cold. Spince was right behind him and tried to kill Kyle. Kyle blocked the blow and they both duel as Jaina ran to get her own lightsaber. Spince suddenly stopped the duel and spoke with a voice that was not his. It was Jerec. He said that he has trapped Spince in his own mind and had been plaguing the minds of the Jedi in hopes to draw Kyle out. Kyle pointed out that Jerec could have easily taken his own mind, but Jerec's intention was not to use Kyle, but to find a more impressionable mind so he could have another chance to kill him. Kyle went in for another strike, and Jerec unleashed a blast of Force lightning and knocked him unconscious. Jaina arrived, but Jerec used the Force to knock her lightsaber out of her hands. Jaina grabbed Kyle's fallen lightsaber and dueled Jerec. In a saber lock, Jaina desperately called out to Spince, telling him to break through Jerec's hold. It seemed to work, as Spince's own voice returned and he stopped fighting. Jaina went to check Kyle, but Jerec once again gained hold of Spince's mind and tried to kill Jaina. Kyle warned Jaina, and she stopped Spince, only to fatally wound him as well. Jerec's spirit roared in anger and left.

At a small grave in the temple courtyard, Jaina couldn't stop blaming herself for Spince's death, but Kyle said that she shouldn't punish herself; it was Jerec who forced Spince to his death. Kyle said her uncle Luke would arrive, but Kyle decided to leave so Jerec wouldn't use another Jedi to attempt to kill him again, especially if he targeted Jaina. Giving her one last hug good-bye, Kyle left while Jaina mourned. Before the film ends, Spince returned as a Force spirit and waved to Jaina as a farewell.


  • Kyle Katarn... Joel Cranson
  • Jaina Solo... Jessica Bishop
  • Spince Larrin... Nathan Blaine
  • Master Vette Bendeen... Hal Semmens
  • Kit Parson... Kevin Herrmann
  • Jan Ors... Brenda Glenn
  • Jerec... Webb Pickersgill
  • Console Repairman... Kevin Ward

Special EditionEdit


Poster before Special Edition

Soon after the 2004 release, the production team began working on ideas for a sequel which ultimately became a trilogy. Because the sequels followed a new storyline, the producers decided to expand on the events of Spirits in order to lead into Fool's Errand more smoothly.

In the opening crawl, "Chapter I" was added above the Spirits of the Force title.

A scene between Spince and Kit was added to establish their existing friendship, as well as further introduce Kit, who would become a major character in the sequels.

Jaina's nightmare sequence of the Valley of the Jedi helped to introduce Jan Ors into the series. She was absent from the original version of Spirits, but plays a major character in the sequels.


  • Although Kyle Katarn's saber is similar to the one he wields now, the saber color is green instead of blue.
  • Kit and Spince's Jedi robes seem to be based on the outfits worn by Sub-Zero and Reptile from Mortal Kombat.
  • The hilt of Jaina's lightsaber seems to be based on Luke's first lightsaber.

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