Adam Green[1]

  • Clare Grant[1]
  • Rileah Vanderbilt[1]

Adam Green[1]

  • Clare Grant[1]
  • Rileah Vanderbilt[1]
  • Mike Civitano[1]
Music by

Andy Garfield[2]

  • Danger Maiden Productions[2]
  • arieScope Pictures[2]

April 6, 2009[2]

Followed by

Saber 2: Return of the Body Wash

"Unleash the Force within you."

Saber is a short Star Wars fan film written and directed by Adam Green. It stars Clare Grant as a Sith and Rileah Vanderbilt as a Jedi.[1] The film is a spoof of commercials for Axe body spray, featuring two attractive women fighting over a man who uses a product called "Saber." The film won Best Action Short and Audience Choice in the 8th Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards.[3] It was followed by a sequel, Saber 2: Return of the Body Wash.[4]

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