Ryan vs. Dorkman series

Michael Scott


Ryan Wieber
Michael Scott


Ryan Wieber
Michael Scott

Music by

Trevor Jones (RvD)
John Williams (RvD)
Gordy Haab (RvD2)
Kyle Newmaster (RvD2)


Blinding Light Productions


5 to 10 minutes (each episode)



Ryan vs. Dorkman is the title of two videos created by Ryan Wieber and Michael "Dorkman" Scott, Ryan vs. Dorkman, released in 2003 as a TFN Fan Film and RvD2: Ryan vs. Dorkman 2, in 2007. They have both circulated around YouTube as very popular videos, and a high-definition version of the sequel was online at Stage6, until that site was shutdown.

In each video, Ryan faces off against Dorkman in a grueling lightsaber duel. Although the lads seem to have Jedi fencing talents, Jedi reflexes and also possess Force powers, no Star Wars context is given since they have real-life modern clothing, they duel in a real-life facility and there is no explanation why they fight. The videos are known for their use of fight choreography, special effects, and sound effects. Their end is always inconclusive but each time at least one of them is killed.

After the success and popularity of Ryan vs. Dorkman in the Star Wars fan community, Ryan Wieber was hired by LucasArts in September of 2003. There he worked as an effects artist on several projects, until April of 2005, when he became a full-time compositer for Stargate Digital.

Ryan vs. DorkmanEdit

  • Length: 5 minutes

The first battle has Ryan and Dorkman fighting in a warehouse (listed as Carco Electronics of Menlo Park, California). They clash lightsabers, while also adding punches to the face and other areas of the body. Lightsabers in this video are shown to slash through clothing and penetrate skin, leaving burned residue (in this video portrayed by dry erase markers). Force Pull and Push are used. There is also a scene in which the two have a ground battle, rolling around on the floor and Dorkman loses his glasses.

After Ryan loses his lightsaber, he attempts to steal Dorkman's, but the two end up in a Force Pull tug-of-war. Eventually, Dorkman lets Ryan "win", then activates the lightsaber through Ryan's chest. Dorkman retrieves his lightsaber, only to be stabbed through the stomach by a clone of Ryan.

RvD2: Ryan vs. Dorkman 2Edit

  • Length: 10 minutes

This second video was shot with enhanced visual effects (including cleaner lightsaber effects) in high-definition. Afterward Adobe After Effects was used in post-production to create the lightsabers' glow. This film had 70 executive producers, 34 producers, 34 associate producers, 36 executive soundtrack producers, 28 soundtrack producers, and 10 associate soundtrack producers credited, The large number of producers existed for donations to the project. Two camera operators (Travis Boles and Brandon Flyte) plus Ryan and Michael shot the film. The original score for RvD2 was composed by Kyle Newmaster and Gordy Haab. Thanks to the generous fan donations the music was performed by a 60-person professional studio orchestra at Capitol Records.

All the Saber props were designed and machined out of aluminum by Wieber himself. The hilts used in Ryan vs Dorkman 2 were also much more complex in design than the hilts seen in the Original Ryan vs Dorkman. The Stunt blades used in RVD were made out of aluminum, as oppose to Carbon Fiber tubing, which was used in RVD2.

The location is now the warehouse of Los Amigos Tortillas in Atlanta, Georgia. This industrial location was chosen as the owner Ruben allowed them to film there for free, versus most places in Los Angeles. Even though Ryan and Dorkman died previously, they have since aged. This time the lightsabers are shown to cause damage to the floor and the wall, produce sparks, and create realistic penetrations in human flesh, including slicing off an arm. The pyrotechnic effects were provided by Detonation Films. Telekinesis in the forms of Force Pull and Push is used extensively in the video. Dorkman also loses his glasses again.

The climax of the film has Ryan managing to achieve cho sun against Dorkman in the battle, and Dorkman falls to the floor, gaping at his arm. After Ryan destroys Dorkman's lightsaber, he uses shiak to brutally torture Dorkman, but he lowers his lightsaber too low to his captive. Dorkman grabs Ryan's lightsaber and kicks him away. Dorkman flings Ryan's lightsaber through Ryan himself, using sai tok,and he falls apart. Dorkman limps away, but not before kicking his opponent.

It premiered at the Wilshire Fine Arts Theatre on the West Coast, and the New York Comic Con on the East Coast.

Ryan vs. Brandon seriesEdit

In addition to the Ryan vs. Dorkman films, Ryan Wieber has also created the Ryan vs. Brandon series. This time, Ryan is fighting against fellow visual effects artist Brandon Flyte.

Ryan vs. BrandonEdit

The fight takes place in a park, rather than a warehouse like in the Ryan vs. Dorkman films. In this fight, Ryan opts for a set of blue paired lightsabers, rather than a single blade. He and Brandon clash blades, but unlike Ryan vs. Dorkman, no Force powers are used.

Eventually, Ryan manages to score a sun djem mark on Brandon's saber, destroying it. Brandon counters by grabbing Ryan's saberstaff, separating the paired lightsabers, and headbutting Ryan, allowing Brandon to take one of the sabers. The duel resumes, culminating with Brandon decapitating Ryan.

Despite its limited usage of effects, the film was good enough to win the third Lightsaber Choreography Competition of TheForce.Net.

Ryan vs. Brandon 2Edit

Released with much anticipation in 2011, Ryan vs. Brandon 2, like its predecessor, won the sixth LCC of TheForce.Net. It takes place in the machine shop owned by Ryan's father, chosen because it had both an open area as well as machines used as obstacles to make the duel more interesting.

During the fight, Force powers are used. Ryan opts to keep one of his paired lightsabers hidden in his pocket, trying to use the second blade as a surprise attack. When the second blade is unveiled, Brandon manages to block it, and Ryan continues fighting using the Niman/Jar'Kai style. However, it is somewhat ineffective, and Ryan loses one of the sabers. He manages to recover it, and switches to the paired function of his lightsabers.

Once again, Brandon's saber is destroyed, and Brandon attempts to steal Ryan's saber. Ryan gains the advantage in the struggle, almost managing to force his blade down on Brandon, but Brandon uses his broken lightsaber as a makeshift stun gun, managing to take one of Ryan's sabers. The fight then resumes with a never-before-seen ferocity from both combatants. Brandon manages to score the killing blow by lobbing off the top of Ryan's head, fatally damaging his brain.

The epilogue reveals that Ryan has several clones, thus semi-comically explaining why Ryan died in every single one of his Star Wars fanfilms yet always came back for the next one.

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