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Return of Pink Five is the three-part conclusion to the Pink Five fan film trilogy that began with Pink Five and Pink Five Strikes Back. Like its predecessors, it stars Amy Earhart as Stacy and was directed by Trey Stokes.

Return of Pink Five Volume 1 premiered on Atomfilms on April 25th, 2006, and Volume 2 premiered May 15th, 2007.

In September 2012, funds for Return of Pink Five: Volume Three were successfully raised via Kickstarter. The final chapter was released in 2013.

Volume 1 PlotEdit

Pink Five Strikes Back ended with Stacy stranded on Dagobah. However, Stacy has managed to escape Dagobah and make a daring rescue attempt to free her "boyfriend" Han Solo by infiltrating Jabba's Palace disguised as one of his slaves.

In the middle of the night, Stacy is having girl talk with fellow dancers and slaves, Greeata and Lyn Me. Making the constant argument of "Who shot first"? Stacy manages to get away from them and sneak into Jabba's throne room to talk to the carbonite-frozen Solo. Stacy reassures him that she'd get him out while exhibiting herself in the metal bikini he likes so much. Just then, a rattling is heard. Stacy runs and hides behind a curtain, only to be cornered by Salacious Crumb, who complains about having to go out. After a brief tussle with the Kowakian, Stacy and Salacious spot the figure who has just released Han from his prison. The helmet is finally lifted and revealed to be Princess Leia.

Stacy manages to escape from the Palace but walks into a sand storm. After making her way to her repaired X-wing fighter, the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi appears to her. Stacy lashes out at Obi-Wan for leaving her in a swamp with a frog who talks backwards. However, she is more upset over when he told her that she'd see her boyfriend again. Obi-Wan points out that he was correct from a certain point of view. Not fooling her, he then confesses that he is making this up as he goes along. Obi-Wan asks Stacy for her help against the Empire and its Death Star. Stacy turns him down and leaves Tatooine.


Stacy flies in her X-Wing.

Traveling to the second Death Star, she manages to land by using a Jedi mind trick on the docking bay controller, taking it a step further by convincing him to take her shopping later. After "landing" in the docking bay, Stacy is intercepted by a group of stormtroopers. She beats one of them and steals his rifle, then orders the guards to take her to their boss... and to get her ship fixed.

Upon entering the Emperor's throne room, she is stopped by Darth Vader, who asks her why is she is here. Stacy refuses to tell Vader which makes Vader "get all up in her grill". The two are stopped by Palpatine who says he was napping. Stacy is immediately put off by the Emperor's wrinkled and disfigured skin. She then goes on to claim that she is a Jedi. Palpatine orders Vader to attack her. She quickly blocks his attack. After a brief duel, with Stacy taunting him throughout by undermining him, she manages to turn his suit off. Palpatine agrees to hear Stacy speak. She reveals everything she knows: the Rebel fleet massing near Sullust, the Rebels on Endor trying to knock out the shield generator, and Luke Skywalker on his way to turn Vader back to the good side. Palpatine had foreseen all this. But what Stacy reveals finally, he does not know. Stacy reveals that the Princess is Vader's daughter, much to the great surprise of them both. However, she has them promise not to tell anyone that she told them. Palpatine agrees and gives her some information as well. Palpatine makes the claim that the main reactor itself is shielded. On her way out, Palpatine questions on how she knows all this. Stacy tells all about how she used to hang with this little green frog guy and invisible Kenobi dude but the whole goody-goody thing wasn't working out (plus the boyfriend drama), and so she figured that the Empire kicks some major ass and wanted to party with them for awhile. Palpatine is surprised and offers her a chance to become his new apprentice. Stacy is thrilled at this.

Volume 2 PlotEdit

As the segment starts, the Rebel fleet arrives at the second Death Star. Stacy, on board the Death Star, rudely gets pushed by rushing TIE pilots as she approaches her newly repaired X-Wing. Stacy and her astromech droid, Deedee, get into a short tussle before Obi-Wan's ghost sprit shows up. Deedee is confused about him, which Stacy explains as a "long story". It is revealed that Obi-Wan convinced her to tell Palpatine the whole plan to make sure he would stay on the Death Star. Stacy plans to go but Obi-Wan brings up something about Han.

In the next scene, Stacy is flying straight through the big space battle with Deedee. After a brief discussion about Han, a TIE/ln starfighter shows up, and due to the fact that the pilot doesn't know she's on his team, is firing on her (which Deedee mistakes as someone who wants to pass). However, Stacy's flying has improved since the Battle of Yavin, and some good maneuvering takes the TIE fighter out along with some other ones.

Stacy then heads for Endor. Seeing no one on Endor, Stacy decides to climb a tree. She sees the bunker and tells Deedee. She also sees C-3PO, who seems concerned about her. After explaining their missions, Stacy reveals to 3PO and R2-D2 that she works for the Empire, but has not officially started. 3PO then introduces the Ewoks, who Stacy loves, and mentions that they revere him as a god. Stacy sees that Leia has been captured by the Empire and urges 3PO and R2 to go and distract the Imperials. He then leads the Empire to a log where Stacy and the Ewoks are hiding. The Ewoks come toppling out from behind the log and attack the Imperials. She then signals for an Ewok to sound a horn and prepares the Ewoks for a bow and arrow attack.

In the midst of the battle, Stacy attacks the stormtroopers to save Han. During the battle, Stacy shoves Chewbacca out of the tree on a vine. She watches as a stormtrooper nearly shoots Han. In anger, she shoves the trooper aside and watches as Han checks on the wounded Leia. Abandoning hope in Han, she heads back to the X-wing, but an AT-ST is following her. Remembering the guns on the front, she runs through the legs and the head follows and falls.

She realizes that everyone is an idiot, which calls attention to ghost Yoda wondering if he too is an idiot. She goes to hug him, but her arms pass through. After a conversation about Han, Yoda claims that that is the reason for her joining of the Empire and that she should "let go of your boyfriend for the jerk he is". Obi-Wan then tells Yoda that the shields are down, only to be embarrassed by the shield on the main reactor. Stacy leaves to take care of that and Yoda pets a frog. He then reveals that it was Yoda's plan all along to get Stacy to do everything. She takes off and the segment ends with another cliffhanger.


Stacy talks with her droid Deedee.


  • One Star Wars in-joke in Return of Pink Five never actually appeared onscreen, only on the set. During the shoot, all production paperwork, equipment rental contracts, and even crew t-shirts identified the film's title as Pink Harvest.
  • In Volume 2, Stacy attacks a stormtrooper for having almost shot her boyfriend. According to an interview with Trey Stokes and Amy Earhart at Celebration IV, this gave the hapless stormtrooper a black eye.
  • Multiple actors make repeat appearances in this last set of short films. Chris Hanel plays one of the Darth Vaders, Han Solo and one of the Death Star controllers. He also moved up in the world, from fog machine operator in Pink Five Strikes Back to co-writer and VFX supervisor of Return of Pink Five. Cherise Bangs plays Greeata, Leia and voices DD. Steve Stanton plays both Obi-Wan and the Emperor and is famous/infamous for his adlibs.
  • It was not divulged that there would be a Volume 3 until San Diego Comic-Con 2006, when the enthralled audience let out a collective "awwwwwwwwwww" at the words "To Be Continued..." that closed Volume 2.
  • A partially-completed preview of Volume 3 was premiered at Celebration IV.
  • Amy Earhart starred in two of the films in the running for the 2007 Fan Film Awards. She played Susan in The Knudson Menace and Stacy in Return of Pink Five, Volume 2. Neither of them won.
  • Return of Pink Five, Volume 1 was not permitted to compete for the Fan Film Awards in 2006 due to its employment of SAG members. Volume 2 apparently bypassed that technicality.

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