Reflections of Evil

Joel Cranson


Joel Cranson


Hal Semmens
Joel Cranson


Kevin Herrmann
Elizabeth Grasham
Brenda Glenn
Hal Semmens
Joel Cranson


February 6, 2009



Preceded by

Spirits of the Force
Fool's Errand

Reflections of Evil is the final installment in the Star Wars fanfilm trilogy created by the members of the Phoenix Fan Force. Its other two films, Spirits of the Force and Fool's Errand were released in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Initially, Reflections was scheduled to be released for winter of 2007, but due to budget and scheduling conflicts, the release date was pushed back indefinitely. Reflections of Evil was finally released on February 6, 2009.


Two docking officers on a space station near On'dos were startled by a hijacked Ond'on ship moving through space. They tried to contact the ship, but no crew responded. Before they could report, a one-eyed man appeared behind with an electric weapon.

After escaping the cave with the doomed freighter, Jan Ors and Master Vette Bendeen woke up from unconsciousness. Although Bendeen felt their mission was fruitless, Jan revealed that she grabbed several data disks from the ship.

On Cod'as, Kyle Katarn found that Kit Parson, Bendeen's apprentice, was missing. He demanded from Jonos Belot, who's spice plant he'd been staying at, where Kit was. Jonos showed Kyle a recording of Celeese, Jonos' "personal assistant", kidnapping Kit. Jan and Bendeen arrived and revealed to Kyle about the info on the disks. The disks contained Ond'on protocols and codes to steal the Ond'on freighter. They also contained information on special crystals of the Cod'an royal family - crystals that could manipulate reality, and some so powerful that they could level an entire army. They supposedly could only be used by the Cod'an royal family, who were all wiped out in the civil war. Bendeen suspects that a descendent of the family still exists, and although Ond'os is negotiating peace, Cod'as will be independent as a democracy, not a monarchy, and a huge fleet was already being raised.

In a village of Cod'as, the stolen Ond'on freighter crashed into a building. In a nearby building, Celesse manipulated Kit into revealing that Kyle was unaware of anything. Celeese revealed her deception and left her guard to torture Kit. She watched the catastrophe in the village. A thug who had escaped from Bendeen reported the attack and about what occurred in the cave with Bendeen. Angrily, Celeese used the stones to toss the thug over the balcony. She then worked on trying to convince Kit to become her king after she re-established the Cod'an monarchy.

Celeese's past is also revealed. She was in love with a young man named Roan, who wanted to her to run away from her servitude to the young Cod'an princess. One day, the princess discovered the powerful crystals and used their power to kill Roan. When the civil war broke out between Cod'as and Ond'os, Celeese killed the princess and took the stones for herself.

On Ond'os, Kyle, Jan, and Bendeen met with the head Ond'on minister. The minister revealed about the Ond'on freighter being stolen and confirmed the rumors of a possible overthrow of the planned Cod'an democracy and restore the monarchy. As Cod'as believed that Ond'os was responsible for the attack, they assembled a fleet against the small Ond'on army. Kyle asked Jaina Solo for additional support, but she said her uncle was tied down and couldn't help. Jan petitioned to Jonos, who refused, saying he was no hero and would prefer to make a profit from the war. Kyle and Bendeen decided to go after Celeese while Jan led the fleet over the planet

At Celeese's hideout, she revealed her plan to Kit that she would come forth and appeal to the people when they called for a monarch. Kit was able to deduce that Celeese was not Cod'an royalty, and the rumor of control over the crystals was a lie. With her crystal still around Kit's neck, Celeese used its power to give him a vision. In a forest, Kit was forced to fight a dark version of himself should he join Celeese. He was then disarmed and the crystal was taken from him; the crystal caused an illusion and Kit had actually been fighting Kyle. Kit went back to confront Celeese, and Kyle destroyed the crystal.

In the skies, Jan and the Ond'on fleet received additional help from Jonos and his droids. Kit confronted Celeese and begged her to stop. A fight ensues and Celeese said she is not like Kit. She began to use the crystals to cause a storm, and Kit was forced to kill her. Celeese died in Kit's arms.

After the battle, Kyle and Jan leave. They receive a transmission, but Kyle stops Jan from answering, and they share kiss. At the Jedi Academy, Kit related everything that transpired at Spince Larrin's grave. He said that this mission taught everything he needed to learn to be a Jedi. He then declared that Spince's lightsaber was officially his, after it had been referred to only as Spince's saber. At the dueling circle, Kit found Jaina with her saber in hand, asking to see his own skills. Kit smiled and they began a friendly duel.


  • Kit Parson... Kevin Herrmann
  • Celeese... Elizabeth Grasham
  • Master Vette Bendeen... Hal Semmens
  • Kyle Katarn... Joel Cranson
  • Jan Ors... Brenda Glenn
  • Jonos Belot... Justin Whittenton
  • Jaina Solo... Jessica Bishop
  • Celeese's Bodyguard... Nathan Blaine


  • Reflections of Evil was initially written as part of Fool's Errand, but – due to the length – the script was split into two movies.
  • Star Wars author Michael A. Stackpole made a special appearance in the opening scene.
  • Nathan Blaine, who played Spince Larrin in the film's prequel, Spirits of the Force, returned to play a new character, Celeese's bodyguard, as he was ill during Fool's Errand and couldn't play a previous role.

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