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Rear Admiral Sienn Sconn


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The Rebel Squadrons (RS) is an Internet organization of Star Wars fans and gamers. It is currently led by Admiral Cyrel Vandroth.


"After a number of years and many previous attempts, compiling a complete history of the Rebel Squadrons has been elusive... Some of the history will forever be lost to forgotten memories, lost members or even irrelevance."
―Sector Admiral Super[src]

The RS was founded in 1994 as a message board club based on AOL, but its current form may be traced back to March 1996.[1] The domain name came online in July 1998.[2]

Galactic Voyage named Rebel Squadrons as winner of its Site of the Month award in December 2003.[3]

Today the RS is a diverse organization that embraces individuals of all ages and genders from all over the world. The club focuses on gaming (both single and multiplayer) as well as fiction writing and roleplaying.

Fictional backgroundEdit

Several years following the Battle of Endor, the New Republic was stretched thin across its territories from attacks by the Imperial Remnant. Seeking to maintain New Republic holdings on the Outer Rim, Admiral Ackbar commissioned an autonomous secondary fleet named the Rebel Squadrons to fortify the Greeop Sector near the Unknown Regions.

The Rebel Squadrons continued to make strikes into Imperial territories. Its earliest victory was in the Minos Conflict, which saw the annexation of the Minos Cluster into the New Republic. The Cadrel Expanse and Binaural and Subterrel Sectors were annexed over three Outer Rim Wars.

In 9 ABY, the fleet's headquarters at Blerthmore were attacked by unknown forces of the Imperial Remnant.

Mission statementEdit

"The Rebel Squadrons is an online gaming fan club, based on the Star Wars universe, dedicated to being a rewarding and fun experience for its members. The Rebel Squadrons also strives to encourage the growth and development of creativity, sense of responsibility, leadership strategies and good judgment amongst its members."
―Rebel Squadrons Bylaws[src]

The RS is founded on the concept of H.I.E.R. (Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, and Respect). It is a principle that members must strive to make the model of their participation. This principle can be described through the golden rule of treating people with respect and to remain honest and fair.


Allegiance Battle Group: Roleplaying Game (d6/d20)

Patriot Starfighter Group: X-wing, TIE Fighter

Redemption Fleet

Vanguard Fleet: Galaxies

Vigilance Starfighter Group: X-wing vs. TIE Fighter, X-wing Alliance

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