Pitching Lucas

Shane Felux


Shane Felux


Peter Gamble Robinson
Shane Felux


George Starkey
Matt Moews
Matt Mickelson
Tye Nelson
Joe Schonberger
Caleb Graham
Chris Bartlett
Jim Lefter

Music by

Mark Edmondson


Atom Films


10 June 2006


8 Min






Real world

Pitching Lucas is a 2006 fan film directed by Shane Felux. It was the winner of the George Lucas Selects Award and the Audience Choice at the 2006 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards.


Four television executives attempt to pitch ideas to George Lucas for ideas for a Star Wars TV series while Lucas is surrounded by an assortment of Star Wars characters and props that do this bidding. The first idea is "The Sith Million Dollar Man" and centered about Anakin Skywalker's transformation into Darth Vader, Vader who is sitting next to Lucas uses Force choke on the executive. The second executive attempts to pitch a show based around two scout troopers on Coruscant but is imprisoned in carbonite by Lucas. The third shows a clip from a show called "George's Angels" and is dropped down a trap door, presumably to face the rancor. The fourth executive runs off screaming.


  • George Starkey ... George Lucas
  • Matt Moews ... Darth Vader/ Arcona/ Imperial Drill Sgt./ Stormtrooper
  • Matt Mickelson ... Executive One
  • Tye Nelson ... Executive Two
  • Caleb Graham ... Executive Three
  • Jim Lefter ... Executive Four
  • Chris Bartlett ... C-3PO
  • Joe Schonberger ... Boba Fett / Stormtrooper
  • Darren Blum ... Chewbacca
  • Adam Baker-Siroty ... Rebel Pilot/ Stormtrooper
  • Matthew S. Chana ... Stormrooper
  • Diz Cohrs ... George's Angel Two / Twi'lek
  • Jason Dwight ... Stormtrooper
  • Luke Harris Evans ... Stormtrooper
  • Ian Felux ... Ewok Driver
  • Jack Foley ... Darth Vader (voice)
  • Lori Frye ... Stormtrooper
  • Holland Gedney ... Princess Leia Organa
  • Geoff Hagerich ... Stormtrooper
  • Frank Hernandez ... Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Gina Hernandez ... Greedo
  • Cheralyn Lambeth ... Scout trooper/ Stormtrooper
  • Joe Lancaster ... Stormtrooper
  • Chris Loving ... Stormtrooper
  • Phil Mallon ... Stormtrooper
  • Shelly Mattson ... George's Angel Three
  • Rain Montes ... George's Angel One
  • Steve Montes ... Jango Fett / Stormtrooper
  • Owen Morgan ... Stormtrooper
  • Eric Negron ... Gamorrean Guard
  • Joe Ogulin ... Imperial Officer / Stormtrooper
  • Jenny Parks ... Stormtrooper
  • Lori Patton ... Ree Yees
  • Marc Patton ... Stormrooper
  • Steve Petrucelli ... Scout trooper
  • Ward Poole ... Stormtrooper
  • Chris Santana ... Imperial Officer
  • Meghan Sherrill ... Rebel Pilot
  • Mike Shipp ... Stormtrooper
  • Eric Tank ... Stormtrooper
  • Yvonne Tate ... Zam Wesell
  • Bryan White ... Death Star Gunner

Behind the scenesEdit

During the film a poster for Star Wars: Revelations, another fan film by Shane Felux, can be seen.

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