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Pink Five is a fan film that made its debut on the internet in 2002, created by fans of the Star Wars franchise. It is a comedy set in the Star Wars universe. It stars Amy Earhart as Stacy (also known as Pink Five), a fast-talking Valley Girl type dropped into an X-wing cockpit during the Battle of Yavin, and presents familiar events and story points from A New Hope from a very different point-of-view. It was directed by Trey Stokes.

The film has proven popular with fans, winning rave reviews and the George Lucas Selects Award in the Lucasfilm-sponsored 2003 Star Wars Fan Film Awards, and even played at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Two sequels have been made: Pink Five Strikes Back (2004) and Return of Pink Five (2006).

Plot summaryEdit

During the Battle of Yavin, the destruction of the Death Star made Luke Skywalker a hero. However, many other brave pilots risked their lives during that battle... many untrained pilots.

Stacy, simply known as Pink Five to her wingmates, flies into battle, although she "zoned out" during the briefing. However, she was untrained and quickly became sidetracked over the Death Star (completely unaware that there would be turrets and enemy fighters shooting at her). She rambled on to her astromech droid, commenting on almost joining the Empire (but the uniforms made her look "completely hippy"), and that she would go out with the "new kid" from Tatooine, but due to his invisible friend, she wouldn't be able to deal with it.

Before Han Solo shoots down Darth Vader's wingman, he makes a call to Stacy, offering to go out with her, which she is very eager about, but only if he gets rid of the guys with the "flat-sides" for her. With the subject of Han Solo brought up with her astromech droid, Stacy expresses her growing annoyance of Princess Leia and her infatuation with Han. The Death Star is finally destroyed, and miraculously, Stacy manages to survive, despite her complete unawareness for what is going on around her, although her astromech's droids head was blown off while she rambled. With that, Stacy hears that they were being transferred to Hoth and looked forward to some skiing and even asks the decapitated astromech droid if he skied.


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