Once Upon A Jedi

Ly Bolia


Caroline Gallrein


Ly Bolia


Sheehan O'Heron
Christine Lekas
Chris Burns
Lane Carlock

Music by

Mark Petrie
John Williams


TF.N FanFilms


January 1, 2004


26 min.



Once Upon A Jedi is an independent Star Wars-based film released on January 1st, 2004, though the release date is limited.

Plot SummaryEdit

Nice, but nerdy Joe fearlessly confronts high school bullies, effortlessly proves the Pythagorean theorem and heroically wins the heart of the prettiest girl in school – in his fantasies that is. Reality, however, is not on Tatooine, the rebels don’t always win, and love is not enough to defeat the evil empire... or is it?

It starts with Joe drifts off into the recesses of his mind to a galaxy far, far away, with a Yavin-like gas giant looming near Earth and its moon. The stormtroopers pick up the note and Darth Vader emerges. Suddenly, the place is full of fire from the Rebels and the stormtroopers have to defend it. Amidst the battle, Joe emerges and meet the slave girl standing in the corridors. Upon meeting, he is interuptted by the timely arrival of Boba Fett, who is actually, his nemesis – the gothically sardonic teacher Ms. Herzbacher. She asks, "What is the Pythagorean thorem?"

Jolted back into reality – Joe realizes that high school is even more treacherous then the Death Star. Joe attempts to draw a sign says: "MS. HERZBAUCHER, I LOVE SARAH JESSICA MARY LOUISE PARKER", but is taken by one of his classmates. Upon fighting for his sign, Herzbaucher asks Joe to stand up and prove his own Pythagorean thorem. While the sign is delivered to every student, and lastly, Jimmy Denton, the evil lord of the Sith who rules the nether regions known as the boys' restroom. Upon finishing proving his thorem effortlessly, unknown to Joe himself, Jimmy asks that he should go to the restroom, and he does.

Joe requests the same, but one of the students throw a paper-made airplane to Herzbaucher. Then, the teacher instructs Joe to pick it up, and gives him a note, says: "LEMON HEAD, SUCKER!". He then runs toward the restroom and once he get there, he meet Jimmy in a Darth Maul look. He ignites his lightsaber and swipes through Jimmy's face, taking the note, and gets out from the restroom, he is stopped by Darth Vader, and in reality, by Mr. Anderson. Anderson then takes both Joe and Jimmy to the teacher's office, where Mrs. Parker, Sarah's mother, is working. She asks, "What happened to your head?", as Mr. Krowski, the assistant principal, instructs Jimmy to come inside.

Sarah comes inside and asks her mother to give her "lunch money", but she says, "Oh dear, I'm sorry." She then looks inside her handbag for the money. She anxiously waited, and see Joe before she asks her to give her "lunch money". Again, she replies, "Oh dear! I would borrow some to Mr. Krowski. Open it to your class." Sarah gets permission to get some copies, and says to Joe that he must "not be affraid". After Sarah leaves the room, Mrs. Parker says to Joe that he must go inside the principal's office to receive his punishment.

Joe does go to the office, but Krowski seems to be having a telephone conversation. He looks at the note he's trying to get, and attempts to use the Force to get his note. But the attempt is interrupted by the arrival of Mrs. Parker talking to Krowski about getting Sarah the lunch money. Krowski gives the money, and to the unknown the note itself, to Parker. Then, Krowski asks Joe to lie on the front of the table. He asks Mrs. Parker to destroy the note.

Mrs. Parker does hear Joe's deep voice, but she is slow to destroy it. Upon tearing the note, Krowski, now appears to be Emperor Palpatine, attacks Joe with Force lightning (in reality, Krowski hits Joe's back with his cane). Joe is then allowed to leave, only to be scolded by Mrs. Parker.

Herzbaucher then greets Joe back to his class by saying, "Welcome back, Joe." After re-entering his class, He dreams about taking the note and opening it, it says, "HAVE A GREAT LUNCH, DEAR", along with the money given. The school bell rings, and Joe refuses to stand up, waiting for the last of the students to clear his class. He then clears up his bag, buttoned up his shirt, and sets off toward the corridor, only to see his similar sign that is pasted on the wall. He takes it off, and he finds that the whole corridor is filled with the same sign. He effortlessly takes them off, along the way toward the teachers' lounge.

In the lounge, he sees a many aliens inhabiting the entire place. He "excuses" them without saying a single world and takes the sign with him. Joe ends up in the library and looks at Sarah through one of the bookshelves. From here, he sees a Star Wars poster on the wall, and he walks toward Sarah, telling that he wants to love you. Sarah replies that Joe should get away from her.

Back into the reality, Joe shows a sign to Sarah, and goes out. When he goes out, a sign starts to say. Sarah says that Joe cannot be affraid. Joe goes back to the library, telling about the Star Wars movies. He then asks about going to lunch together. Sarah agrees, and she goes off. Before this, she need to collect these rubbish signs Joe collected. After collecting, Sarah asks for her lunch money, Joe realizes he still has it and returns it to her. On their way to lunch Sarah says "dreams". Joe asks dreams? She replies. It rhymes with ice cream. They leave the library, closing the door.


  • Sheehan O'Heron .... Joe Daily
  • Christine Lekas .... Sarah Parker
  • Chris Burns .... Jimmy Denton/Darth Maul
  • Lane Carlock .... Ms. Herzbaucher
  • Adam Boyer .... Mr.Anderson
  • Susan Williams .... Mrs.Parker
  • Ron Prather .... Mr. Korowski/Emperor Palpatine
  • Edward Solis .... Jesse Geek
  • Ian Mastrogiacomo .... Eric Dork
  • April Billingsley .... April
  • Bob Bean .... Darth Vader
  • Brian Boling .... Boba Fett
  • Andrew Collins .... Alien #1
  • Minnie Tee .... Alien #2
  • Brian Heiser .... Alien #3
  • Jacob Bush .... Student #1
  • Eve Sanders .... Student #2
  • Taylor Gillen .... Student #3
  • Dennis Williams .... Student #4


  • James T. Smith .... TK 0271
  • Keith Seedorf .... TK 0811
  • Jimmy Burns .... TK 1025
  • William Zoon .... TK 2359
  • John Pardus .... TK 3174
  • Donald Dekle .... TK 6152

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