Michael Wong is the creator of the website

While the website contains a number of essays on science fiction related topics, it is best known for its comparison of the technology of Star Wars versus that of Star Trek. He argues that the Galactic Empire would easily defeat the United Federation of Planets if the two were ever to come into conflict. Many people agree with him, but he has many detractors.

His argument is broken into several key points:

  1. He points out Imperial starships are more powerful and faster than their similarly sized Federation counter parts. Further, because the Federation’s teleportation devices could not operate through shields, their in-battle utility would be greatly diminished.
  2. The starships of the Imperial Starfleet were significantly larger than those of the Federation. The Federation’s largest vessel, the Sovereign-class, was only 685 meters long, while the emblematic Imperator-class Star Destroyer measured 1,600 meters in length.
  3. The Imperial Starfleet was much larger in numbers. Where the Federation fielded tens of thousands of ships with only hundreds of capital warships, its Imperial equivalent consisted of hundred of thousands of main line warships.
  4. The Federation's military might was entirely focused on space warfare, with no known armies, while the Empire’s Imperial Army and Stormtrooper Corps numbered in the trillions.
  5. The hyperdrive used by Imperial ships is thousands of times faster than the warp drive used by Federation ships. If it had the navigational charts, theoretically, a single Imperial ship could attack every system in the Federation in a day, while it requires days just to go from system to system for a Federation ship.
  6. Imperial ships have weapons and shields several orders of magnitude more powerful than their Federation equivalents. This is the single largest issue that many take with his site, as according to his calculations a single Star Destroyer could hold off against possibly dozens or hundreds of Federation vessels. Most of the basis for this is based on the calculations of energy needed to perform a Base Delta Zero operation.

Beyond the Internet, Michael Wong is an electrical engineer and lives in Canada with his wife and two children. He is an avid detracter of teaching creationism and Intelligent Design in public schools. He is an ardent athiest.

Curtis Saxton acknowledges Michael Wong in both the Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith Incredible Cross Sections.