This is a list of fan created websites that don't require their own article. Common topics include roleplaying game creations, fan fiction, and comic and book reviews, and many feature message boards. Because these are fan created websites, beware of fanon presented as canon.

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  • 99th Garrison. A UK based costuming group mainly based in the North East, North West and the Midlands.






  • Exodus: Star Wars Roleplaying Board, A 2003 Established Star Wars Roleplaying Board, for writing collaborative fan fiction.
  •, a gateway to EU related fansites.*Entwined Lives, fanlisting for the Skywalker/Solo Family.
  •, a general Expanded Universe resource and news site that has interviews, time-lines, a podcast, and features blogs and forums.
  •, A Social Media website designed for Star Wars fans from across the galaxy. Free to sign up and really easy to navigate and find unique content


  • From Bricks To Bothans, a site dedicated to LEGO Star Wars. FBTB for short.
  • FeltSideOut, a Rogue One fansite that contains the most popular information regarding the movie.
  • Star Wars: Fit for a Queen, dedicated to the amazing costumes of Padmé Amidala, Princess Leia and many other characters. Features tons of images and information!
  • FLYGUY, dedicated to News, video reviews, LEGO and all things Star Wars. The site also has a video podcast 'Boring Conversation Anyway'.
  • FactPile, Reader suggested battles between Comic/TV/Movie and Video Games. This is our Star Wars section, please stop by and participate!
  • FutureOfStarWars, featuring rumors and musings on the future (and sometimes the past) of Star Wars movies, Disney's Star Wars Weekends, specialized collections and new product releases.
  • - Danish Star Wars news blog.


  •, a fan community with discussion forums, Star Wars related news, and an EU timeline.
  • GamerTales, a collection of Star Wars Gaming Fan Fiction.
  • Galactic Empire Data Bank
  • Galactic Voyage, a tremendous Star Wars news and info site - full of news, images, multimedia, and fun stuff. It has a massive directory of characters, ships, vehicles, planets, trading cards and every other element of the saga. On top of that, there's even fonts, wallpapers, videos, sounds, music, art, scripts and more!
  •, a fanlisting for all the Star Wars movies.
  • Galaxies And Comics, a website for fans of Star Wars and other Sci-Fi, and Comic Books.
  • GuerreStellari.Net, Italian website about Star Wars which includes a databank and a forum
  • Good shot Red Two!, a fanlisting for the space battles of Star Wars.
  • Galactic News on Second Life In-Character news on the Star Wars Roleplay community on the Second Life platform.


  • Herederos de la Fuerza, Costa Rica's unofficial Star Wars Fans Community Site (Sitio de la Comunidad No-Oficial de Fans de la Guerra de las Galaxias en Costa Rica.
  • HoloRed Estelar, Spanish unofficial Star Wars Fan Club website.
  • HoloNet Audio Dramas , Star Wars fan fiction podcast with music and sound effects in audiobook style presentation.



Knights of Twilight, [1] Devoted to Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi









  • Save The Star Wars EU -- An Expanded Universe Fansite for the more Dedicated and Hardcore Expanded Universe Fans.
  • Star Wars Fan Page -- A fan page with Fact of the Day, Character of the Week, Species of the Week, and Episode of the Week. Also includes a blog with news.
  • The Saga Continues forum -- A forum dedicated to the Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying Game, which continues where the now defunct Wizards of the Coast Star Wars message boards left off.
  • ScatterStar - A Star Wars crossover RPG forum. Takes place between Episode III and Episode IV. Wookies in Star Fleet, Vulcan Jedi, Yautja bounty hunters and more.
  • Star Wars Action A newly launched site & blog (2014-02-05) featuring vintage and modern action figures, vehicles, and play sets; reviews of Episodes I - IV and news about the unreleased EPISODE VII (In Theaters December 18, 2015!), and more! is presently seeking regular contributors. If you are interested in becoming a staff writer or guest blogger, please contact the site's webmaster using the link provided on the site's front page.

named "Star Wars Fan Forum). Before known as Star Wars Reactor. Even it is a German Community, we are able to support People who don't speak it. Welcome to ouer Com.







  •, A New Star Wars Fansite. Launched after the The Force Awakens film. 
  • Yildiz Savaslari . Com, Turkish Star Wars site with news, reviews, fan art, databank and forums.
  •, German Star Wars Fansite, includes Star Wars related news and articles, galleries and is also a great resource for information about Star Wars autograph collecting.
  •, Yavin 4 is an Italian site dedicated to Star Wars and science fiction in general and fantasy.