The online video network that streamed during the infamous Star Wars Line, LiningUpTV broadcasted the best of the Star Wars fan world including The Star Wars Holiday Special, Turkish Star Wars, Parkwars, TROOPS, Revelations, as well as 24 hour live webcam from Hollywood Blvd. Viewers from became the biggest fans, spawning a cultish 6-week thread on their boards and many custom edits of what was being shown live.

Previously, had done the same thing with CountdownTV, streaming live during the inaugural line up in 1999. In conjunction with PlayTV and using the ahead of its time Trinity Broadcaster hardware and software solution, CountdownTV was the vehicle that kickstarted the numerous fan film developments.

LiningUpTV's 1000 archived hours of content was edited into a DVD package called LiningUpTV: Fans Gone Wild!. Not affiliated or endorsed by the the Star Wars Line group, the DVD took a new approach to the Star Wars fan documentary by creating several themed shows dedicated to different aspects of Star Wars fandom.

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