Jedi House

Errol Spat Oktan
Heather Harris


Errol Spat Oktan


Errol Spat Oktan
Heather Harris


Errol Spat Oktan
Heather C. Harris
Richard Kopacz
John Garzillo
Samantha Brotzen
Kristen Mrozek
James Kenney

Music by

Mark Lewis
Vaddi Solanof


TF.N FanFilms




9 min.

Jedi House is a Star Wars fan film trailer released in 2005.

Plot SummaryEdit

In this faux trailer, we see what College life might be like for some Jedi training at the Academy. From fraternities to parties, and everything in between, will they be able to graduate in just four years? Or at all?

It revolves around the Jedi House and its rival Plastic House on an unnamed Earthlike planet with moons.


  • Errol Spat Oktan .... Jedi House President
  • Heather C. Harris .... Plastic House Vice President
  • Richard Kopacz .... Jedi House Vice President
  • John Garzillo .... Keg Boy
  • Samantha Brotzen .... Jedi House Pledge
  • Kristen Mrozek .... Plastic House President
  • James Kenney .... Jedi Academy Professor

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