FANDOM is a website dedicated to Star Wars action figure collectors world-wide. With way over 1,000 figures on the market it wants to help look up figures not only by the toy line they were released in, but by character name, affiliation, profession, the battles they were in, comic books, video games, the movies, movie scenes, etc...; Besides Star Wars action figures, you will also find tips on how to store your collection, various reports from Star Wars events, etc...

History & TechEdit went live for the first time in March of 2004, and was hosted on a Unix server. Back then the entire website was coded in PHP with a MySql database on the backend. A few years later the site was then re-done in classic ASP and used MS SQL 2003 as the database. Currently, the framework utilized is .NET 3.5, and the site is coded in VB.NET, xhtml, AJAX, Javascript and CSS 2.0, with Visual Studio 2008 as the main development application, and Photoshop CS3 as the image processing tool.

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