Incident at Toshi Station [sic] is a short stop-motion animation film that won "Best Short Subject" at the Lucasfilm and AtomFilms Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge in 2007.

Running just under two minutes long, it follows the adventure of an Imperial AT-AT driver who is looking for his AT-AT in the Tosche Station parking lot. His troubles only just begin once he finally finds his rig.

Incident at Toshi Station was a Beyond Therapy production, with the letters MSG where LTD is usually included in the Lucasfilm logo (which they parodied).

Director Tyler Soper was featured in a short segment on the DirecTV Reelz channel show Dailies. He described the creative process and admired the Lucasfilm statue that they took home for winning.

A segment of Incident at Toshi Station was broadcast during a late night presentation of Predator 2 on the Viacom-owned cable channel Spike TV.


  • Director: Tyler Soper
  • Writer: Mike McMahan
  • Producers: Mike McMahan, Tyler Soper, Cesare Arnaldo Gagliardoni

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