I.M.P.S.: The Relentless

Eric Hilleary, Nathan Pata and Dave Max


Dave Max and Caleb Skinner


Eric Hilleary, Dave Max and Caleb Skinner

Music by

Andy Garfield

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I.M.P.S.: The Relentless is a fan film that made its debut on the internet in 2005, created by fans of the Star Wars franchise. I.M.P.S. (Imperial Military Personnel Stories) aims to show "the best damn job in the galaxy", that of serving on the Revenge-class heavy carrier Relentless as it goes on patrols and missions. The series is divided into chapters, with two released to date.

After the popularity of the fan film TROOPS, members of the original cast and crew began work on a sequel. I.M.P.S. took on a more serious tone, similar to documentaries about Naval Aircraft Carriers, their battle groups, crews and missions. While no longer a specific parody like TROOPS, the film does have some humour and homages to a variety of other popular films. I.M.P.S. boasts very high production values, original music and professional visual effects.

Production began in April 1999 on a glacier at the top of Mount Shasta in Siskiyou County, California, while post production has continued through 2005. Most of the sets were built in a 400 square-foot garage in Glendale, California.

The fan-made series was created by Eric Hilleary, Dave Max, Caleb Skinner, Nathan Pata, Pete Evans, Dave Marshall, Bill Hay and Andy Garfield. Hilleary, Max and Skinner constructed all the armor and appeared as Troopers in TROOPS. The first episode of the multi-chapter story was released on May 18, 2005, after being delayed twice for editing and sound remixing.

The Relentless is a Revenge-class heavy carrier which is on patrol near the Outer Rim with its fleet. It is mentioned in the film that the fleet's duties included forcing peace and restoring order to hundreds of star systems in a sector of the galaxy.

Chapters were to be released every four to six weeks later, but several setbacks occurred, further pushing back future releases for several years.


Chapter 1—Davenport GatewayEdit

The Relentless is introduced, and viewers join a patrol squad on their final assignment for the day. These are the soldiers tasked with cleaning up the dark streets and dangerous corridors of Davenport Gateway. Chapter 1 was released in May 2005, and runs approximately 21 minutes.

Chapter 2—Norca SystemEdit

A month after Davenport the Relentless and her battle group jumps to the Norca system, an ice world. The imperial fleet is responding to leads on illegal activity. The chapter follows several new characters, who are tasked with dropping onto the planet to scout for any illegal activity. The installment was finally released on November 27 2009, just on schedule and lasted 23 minutes.

Chapter 3Edit

As of February 3rd 2012, chapter three is 80% done and the final FX shots are in the editors hands. It was released on July 30 2018.


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Chapter 1

  • Alien 1
  • Biker scout 1
  • Biker scout 2
  • Biker scout 3
  • Boba Fett
  • AT-ST Driver 1
  • Kubaz
  • Predator 1
  • Predator 2
  • Rail-Runner Squad, 432nd Urban Overwatch Div.
    • AK-117 (Corp. Devaun Lei-Lane)
    • AK-185 (Mentioned only)
    • AK-42
    • AK-52278 (Sgt. Xaun Kaletka)
    • AK-826
    • AK-834
  • wolf-like critter

Chapter 2

  • Space Boss
  • Unnamed Medical Officer (Seen checking supplies on the drop ship)
  • Lieutenant Sebastian (Seen behind the AT-AT pilots)
  • unnamed imperial officer (Seen with the men before the engagement with the rebels)
  • Drop ship crew
    • Flight Captain
    • Storm trooper (Chief)
    • Storm trooper (LT)
    • Storm trooper Communications officer (Coms)
    • Storm trooper Navigator (Gator)
  • Tech Sargent storm trooper
  • AT-AT pilot 1
  • Snow trooper 1
  • Snow trooper 2
  • Snow trooper 3
  • MK-472 (AT-AT side gunner)
  • MK-294 (Corp. Neezah Orak)
  • SK-1715(Pvt. Mirahi Gavin)
  • Silver tail squad, 13 assault trooper corps
    • SK-63
    • SK-877
    • Various unnamed snowtroopers
  • Snow trooper squad 2
    • Snow trooper 4
    • Various unnamed snowtroopers

Droid models


  • Davenport Gateway system
    • Davenport Gateway (planet)
  • Norca System
    • Norca 2 (planet)

Sentient species

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