George Lucas Strikes Back
George Lucas Strikes Back HD Trailer03:13

George Lucas Strikes Back HD Trailer

  • Mike Litzenberg
  • Bridge Stuart
  • Mike Litzenberg
  • Bridge Stuart
  • Mike Litzenberg
  • Bridge Stuart
  • Bridge Stuart
  • Julie Warnock
  • Kyle Isao
  • Mike Litzenberg
  • Lisa Marie Summerscales
  • Pamela Cedar

May 31, 2011

"Not all men are created prequel."

George Lucas Strikes Back is a fan-made trailer that was written and directed by Mike Litzenberg and Bridge Stuart. The trailer centers around the premise that, after the completion of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, George Lucas was kidnapped after announcing that he would no longer make new Star Wars films. He was then replaced by a look-alike impostor who went on to create the prequel trilogy, prompting an angry Lucas to escape captivity and seek revenge against those who kidnapped him and "ruined" Star Wars.

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