Fixer: From the Shadow of Twin Suns

Anthony Forrest


Kevin Liell

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Fixer: From the Shadow of Twin Suns is a comic book story written by Anthony Forrest, who played Fixer in the deleted scenes for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and Kevin Liell, who is also the comic's illustrator. The comic was announced by Forrest at the 2009 New York Comic Con, while showing some conceptual art work for the comic a cover mock-up complete with the Dark Horse logo was accidentally shown. Editor Randy Stradley noted later that it was not a genuine Dark Horse publication, and was not scheduled for release at the current time. As such, the story's exact nature is unclear. Neither Forrest nor Liell stated this comic was a signed deal, or that it was a Dark Horse publication - only that it was in the early stages of development.

In June 2009, Kevin Liell was quoted on saying: "From the Shadow of Twin Suns is still a work in progress. I hope it will see the light of day. Fixer was deleted from Star Wars 30 years ago; I would hate to see it happen twice."


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