Fandom Comics is a website which hosts a number of fan-made comics, roleplaying game sourcebooks, and fanfiction. The staff attempt to have their products adhere to official canon and match as closely as possible the look and setup of the official sourcebooks and comic issues.

Current comicsEdit

  • Tales of the Chu'Unthor
  • Cracken's Crew: The Invisible War

Current sourcebooksEdit

  • Cracken's Crew Web Supplement
    • The Galactic Empire
    • Rebel Operatives
  • Clone Wars Sourcebook
    • The Confederacy
    • Alien Species
    • The Jedi Order
    • The Dark Side
    • Weapons
    • The Republic
    • Archetypes & Prestige Classes
    • Equipment

Current fanfictionEdit

  • Battle of Heg
    • Chapter 1: Harassment
    • Chapter 2: Assignment
    • Chapter 3: Celebration
    • Chapter 4: Infiltration
  • A Clone in the Dark
  • Cheedak's Last Hunt

External linksEdit

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