This article is about the 2003 fan film. You may be looking for Fanboys, the 2008 feature film.

Peter Haynes


Hwei Ling Ow
Peter Haynes


Peter Haynes


Andrew Glover
Carl Sigvertsen
Brian Moore
Hwei Ling Ow
Julian Bravery

Music by

Bill Norris






29 min.

Fanboys is a fan film from New Zealand that made its début on the internet in 2003. Set a few days before the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 1999, the film follows a Star Wars fan who is recruited by a group of rebels, seemingly from the real Star Wars universe, to steal a copy of the film before its release to aid their cause. However, their motives and backstory turn out to be even more interesting, and many humorous situations and double-crosses ensue.

The film both pokes fun at and shows affection towards die-hard fans of all kinds, and has proved popular with audiences online.

The film was directed by Peter Haynes, who followed up this film in 2004 with Feel the Force, a mockumentary about Jedi street preachers in Auckland, New Zealand.

The film's lead actor, Andrew Glover, was later cast in the role of the title monster in the 2004 horror film Boogeyman.

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