"There is plenty of room for fans to express their own feelings and opinions. We believe our core fans are responsible for the continuing popularity of the series, and we want to encourage them. Our intellectual properties are there for you to play with, but we expect you won't try and make a profit or use our characters in a salacious way. Having that wide-open frontier serves as a self-policing mechanism for the fans, who are really appreciative of being included."
Steve Sansweet

A fan film is a film made by fans. The contents can include canon material but any storylines made are not recognized as canon.

Most fan films are humorous and they are mostly fanon although some may contain elements or mentioning of canon.

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  • Fan Film Follies is the Best Fan Films Coverage On The Web! Our coverage includes fan film video previews, news, podcasts and reviews. 
  • This site is devoted to nothing but Star Wars fan films. It has the largest selection of Star Wars fan films anywhere, including a large library of films available for download.
  • is one of the biggest fan websites on the Internet and has the largest database of Star Wars fan films. The site also has many tips and tutorials on creating fan films.
  • has been holding awards for Fan Films since 2002.

Notable fan filmsEdit

  • The Dark Resurgence - creates a parallel universe where an ancient Sith Empire rises to power in place of the First Order. Winner of Oniros' Best Fan Film award.
  • Star Wars: Dresca - Winner of multiple awards from film festivals around the world, including Best Short Film, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects, and more.
  • Emergence - Most creative use of Force abilities. Winner of multiple awards, including Best Picture and Best Music.
  • White Armour - Generation Kill meets Starship Troopers, this short film is set in the Star Wars Universe following Storm Troopers fighting in an Imperial Recon Unit. Due to be released in April 2015
  • Threads of Destiny - Is a fan-made feature film created by fans. This film took 9 years to complete with the help of more than a hundred people working on it from all over the world.
  • Dark Resurrection - An Italian film with impressive special effects. Hailed as "truly amazing" by LucasFilm.

Poster of the fan film Revelations

Notable directorsEdit

"The galaxy is a big place. We're not asking for money, just recognition."
―Mazen Malawi, Director of Seeds of Darkness

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