Essence of the Force

Pat Kerby


Pat Kerby


Thomas DuPont
Steven Sharp
Joe Wilkerson




8 min



Essence of the Force is a 2001 fan film directed by Pat Kerby. It won the 'best action' award at the 2007 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards.


A long time ago in a galaxy... oh, you know the rest...

Mewey Maul, the "half-brother" of the Sith Lord Darth Maul, leads a group of soldiers to the planet of Doozadu, and obtains a box with a green light, which is said to be the "essence" of the Force. Before they can get away, Maul and his soldiers are accosted by a Jedi. With great acrobatics, the Jedi avoids all blaster fire. One soldier tries a shockwave blast, which seems to work, but the Jedi leaps out of the smoke, and defeats all of the soldiers with his bare hands and the Force.

Maul draws his lightsaber and the Jedi draws his own, and they both engage in a ferocious duel. Maul manages to to disarm the Jedi, who then opens the box containing the "essence" to distract the Sith. Calling his lightsaber, the Jedi has Maul and his soldiers at his mercy, and then reaches into the box to draw out the "essence". It turns out to be: a can of Mountain Dew soda. With no animosity towards his down enemies, the Jedi asks if any of the others want one, but they are too weak to answer. The Jedi shrugs and takes a sip of the drink.

The film ends with the logo "Do the Dew".

Behind the scenesEdit

The film's music and sound effects were done by Frank Klepacki, a noted video game sound designer who later made the soundtracks for Star Wars: Empire at War and Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption.


Four days after its release, it was the #1 watched movie on iFilm.

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