FANDOM is a site that focusses on Star Tours, from all it's aspects, ranging from the making, to the Star Wars Weekends. It hosts extensive Database info on every Star Tours aspect, a large multimedia section (containing image galleries, audio, and video files), scripts, travel guides, special features, exclusive pictures, interviews and more.


It was started August 31, 2002 as VLPS' STAR TOURS site by Kris Van de Sande, born in Belgium he was also a member of the TeeKay-421,,,,, and The_Sith_Empire.Net. It was first hosted by Geocities, and after some struggles with other hosts, the site found it's home with the now defunt, a Belgium based website portal, run by 5 Belgian members, each maintaining their own part of the site.

In 2004 Kris left for With that move, the site moved to it's own domain,, and reopened August 31, 2004. 2 years after it's original opening.

2007 Server IssuesEdit

Since July 2007, the site has been unavailable to the general public due to server issues. A mirror domain was registered, however, in the March 2008 relaunch, the site was reborn as


The site has been known for it's Collecting scoops. Regularly is the first to post upcoming Star Wars - Disney merchandising.

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