Crazy Watto
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John E. Hudgens[1]


John E. Hudgens[1]

  • Sandy Clark[1]
  • Lowell Cunningham[1]
  • Heather Harris[1]
  • John E. Hudgens[1]

Sandy Clark[1]


Z-Team Productions[1]


1 minute, 50 seconds[3]



Crazy Watto is a Star Wars fan film that debuted in 2000. The film parodies used car commercials and features the character of Watto from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Watto does a sales pitch for a number of ships from the films, such as a X-wing starfighter and an AT-AT. The film also spoofs Star Trek, as Watto auctions a Borg cube and other Star Trek vessels.[3]

The film was directed, produced, and edited by John E. Hudgents, based on a script he wrote with Lowell Cunningham, Sandy Clark (who played Watto), and Heather Harris. It was filmed on location in Cunningham's driveway.[1] After it was completed, the film was originally released on TheForce.Net, and it still contains the TF.N Films logo in the opening of the video. Crazy Watto was a finalist in the 2003 Star Wars Fan Film Awards, and it was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005.[3]

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What happens when a video producer, a writer, and the guy responsible for creating Men in Black get together with a camera and a bunch of toys? What would a bad cable commercial for Watto's Junkyard look like? Probably not this commercial, which spans the Star Wars galaxy (and others), but see what the Z-Team gang came up with...

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