Contract of Evil
Contract evil poster



Lou Klein[1]


Lou Klein[1]

  • Lou Klein[1]
  • Rusty Locke[1]
  • Andre "Chyna" McCoy[1]
  • Edwin Villa[1]

October 2004[1]


16 minutes, 36 seconds[1]




Rise of the Empire era[1]

Contract of Evil is a Star Wars fan film released in October 2004. It was directed by Kantz and started Lou Klein, Rusty Locke, Andre "Chyna" McCoy, and Edwin Villa. The story is in the years prior to Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and it revolves around two brothers who face a trial of pain designed to find someone worthy of becoming Dark Lord of the Sith. In the Darth Maul brings about the brother's reckoning.[1]

Publisher's summaryEdit

For years, the Sith were thought to be extinct - but on a remote desolate planet, vengeful spirits of chaos have decreed a battle for power, for only through a trial of pain can the hidden Sith masters find one worthy of the title Dark Lord.

Two brothers, Wroth and Anarcis, have boasted of their ability to pass the trials - but someone else has also answered the challenge...

Notes and referencesEdit

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