Brendon J. Wahlberg is a Star Wars fan who wrote a number of fan fiction stories, as well as unofficial essays and other writings about the early drafts of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Such works include the fan fiction story The Adventures of The Starkiller Episode Two: The Princess of Ondos, a sequel to the Star Wars draft by George Lucas called Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode I: The Star Wars;[2] The Development of Star Wars: A New Hope, an essay summarizing the writing of A New Hope; and the Rough Draft Sourcebook and the Second Draft Sourcebook, compilations of information about the early drafts of the film.[3]

In addition to his original drafts-specific work, Wahlberg is also the author of a number of other fan fiction series. He has written the six-part Dark Emperor series, the three-part Rise of the New Sith series, and the two-part Journal of the Whills series. These stories are currently hosted by TheForce.Net.[1]

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