"...he was a pimp Boba Fett, and he had, like, a pimp jacket, was carrying a wine goblet."
Kristen Bell[src]

"Boba Phat" is the nickname of a Star Wars fan known for his appearances at conventions, most notably the San Diego Comic-Con International and Star Wars Celebrations. He first appeared in 2007 and gained attention for styling himself as an "Intergalactic Booty Hunter," wearing a royal blue polyester leisure suite, a bling ring, and a number of other flashy accessories. He was featured in a documentary called Crashing the Con about the 2008 San Diego Comic Con, which profiled the types of people who attend the convention.[1]

As a result of his appearances at conventions, Boba Phat has been referenced in a number of major media sources. These include BuzzFeed,[2] LA Weekly,[3] and MTV.[4]

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