Another Hope

Lori Jareo[1]

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Online download[2]


Fan fiction[1]


Rebellion era


0 BBY[1]

Another Hope is a Star Wars fan fiction novel by Lori Jareo that came under scrutiny when it was released for commercial sale, allegedly violating United States copyright law. The story was an alternate universe telling of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, which used stories from the film, original concepts, and elements of the prequel trilogy to construct a new story. The story dealt with the behind the scenes workings of the Death Star, the minions of Darth Vader, and Princess Leia's adoptive parents.[1]

First published as a downloadable PDF on Jareo’s website, the novel became controversial when Jareo put the novel up for sale without the approval of Lucasfilm Ltd.[2] She did not believe that the book violated copyright law as she did not intend it to be a commercial project and because she wrote the book herself, but she ultimately agreed to Lucasfilm’s request to cease sales of the novel.[1] Some in the fan fiction community worried that Another Hope would lead to a crackdown on other fan fiction works, but industry observers saw this as unlikely because fan fiction des not harm a company's ability to generate profit.[2]

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