Adam Middleton is a Star Wars fan artist from New Zealand. Originally an industrial design student, he has since begun studying Entertainment Design and is the Creative Director for an in-development website called Gressio. As a fan artist, Middleton created unofficial promotional banners for Star Wars Episode VII.

Fan artEdit

In 2013, Middleton created a series of unofficial promotional banners for Star Wars Episode VII. These paintings were all done in a marketing style for the film, and they are meant to look like billboard advertisements. Thematically, they each represent a legacy from the original Star Wars trilogy. The first is the re-discovery of the Millennium Falcon underwater, titled "All Is Not Lost." The second is the re-discovery of a X-wing starfighter in a jungle, titled "History Rediscovered." The third is the re-discovery of an AT-AT on a snow planet, titled "Every End Has a New Beginning." Middleton has said that he has ideas for additional banners that he can create.[1]


The following is a gallery of Middleton's art:

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